[Whole Text]: I just got into My Chemical Romance, about two months ago by a friend. Ever since I started to listen to them, I’ve felt very happy. Gerard, himself as a person, personality, and everything about him, makes me look up to him as an idol. I can’t remember what blog it was on, but it showed two photos of Gerard’s stretch marks, when he wore a muscle shirt for their concert. I, myself have stretch marks on my legs. It doesn’t bother me in public, only when I see them myself. Seeing that Gerard showed his, it makes me feel better about mine. They are almost like battle scars of our life. In gerenal, I think the band as a whole really showed being yourself is the best part of our life. Gerard is my idol and I’ll always look up to him. I may never meet the band or see a concert, but listening to their music is even better.